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Shonda's Secretarial Services
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If you wish to represent yourself (pro se) and avoid the high cost in attorney fees then you have landed in the right place! Shonda's Secretarial Services has provided legal document preparation services to self litigates for over 15 years. As a non-lawyer service provider, we have saved consumers hundreds of dollars in attorney fees.

Most legal matters do not require intervention of an attorney. In fact, it is a matter of ensuring you have all the necessary legal forms completed accurately. Such matters as, involving Family Law, retaining an experienced document preparer costs much less than paying high attorneys fees. 

​Many attorneys use legal document preparers to prepare their documents; by choosing a experienced  legal document preparer, you are working directly with the source that completes the forms anyway only at a much lessor cost. We have extensive knowledge of  preparing legal documents and forms needed for many types of Court cases. 

It is very important to retain a legal document preparer who has knowledge of all documents for preparation of your case with accuracy and completeness . Although we provide qualified document preparation services; there are some cases that may require the assistance of an attorney. As such, We will evaluate your case and if your matter is complicated we will be happy to refer you to an attorney within our network.

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